Effie award for Pegasus Advertising

Pegasus Advertising was awarded an Effie in the OTC category for their Nasivin campaign on 12th of October 2015.

The Effie award for Nasivin campaign
Effie award for the Nasivin campaign.

Effie is the world’s most prestigious award in the marketing sector. It is awarded for campaigns which have been most effective in terms of communication and commercial results. The campaign developed and executed by Pegasus Advertising on behalf of Nasivin was one of the 2015 winners.
“To win an Effie award, strategy and a great idea is not always enough. The campaign should bring extraordinary and measurable commercial results. This award is the crowning achievement of a year of hard work by more than 100 creative professionals from Merck, Pegasus and its partners” – Sławomir Chmielewski, General Director of Pegasus Group.

 The team receive an Effie award
The team receive an Effie award.

Competitive OTC market.

In Poland, Nasivin is perceived mostly as product for children. However, in the category of nasal sprays the main source of volume sales is for products targeted at adults, but this is a highly competitive segment with ever increasing players active in the media. Furthermore, there are few significant differences between products within the OTC category. A runny nose is not a serious illness, so consumers take a decision concerning the choice of product impulsively when in a pharmacy. Therefore, our challenge was to grab consumers’ attention in order to build product awareness and then convince them to purchase the product, despite the fact that Nasivin is one of the more expensive products on the market.

The corked nose and corkscrew.

We decided upon a strong and attractive creative idea – explains Paweł Rokicki, Managing Director of Pegasus Advertising. For communication we used a surprising, even absurd, metaphor: a corked nose, reinforcing the problem of a blocked nose. This idea was shown on the TV ad and has also been used by mystery shoppers who visited pharmacies with corks up their noses which engaged pharmacists and put smiles on their faces. Such an entrance could not go unnoticed and gave a pretext to talk about the product.

Nasivin TV ad.

Moreover, Merck representatives were equipped with iPads with an educational quiz in the form of an app, which informed pharmacists of the benefits and features of the product.

The iPad app - quiz and e-learning for pharmacists

The iPad app - quiz and e-learning for pharmacists.

Experience in development of advertising campaigns since the 1990s.

- The Nasivin campaign was based not only on many years of experience in the local market, but also on the benefits of a global brand perspective thanks to input from an international team. This global perspective, supported by extensive consumer research  and analysis at each stage of the project, was reflected in the final analysis – says Paweł Rokicki. The effective mix of an ATL campaign with recommendation to pharmacists resulted in growth of consumer awareness which translated into increased sales of one of the more expensive products on Polish market.

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